Sloan Kettering Job Turned to 814

After pressure from elected officials and labor leaders, Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) switched the deliveries of new furniture at their new Cancer Center from Pearson Moving to Capital Moving and Storage—a company affiliated with Local 814.

“This is a huge win for the Union, and honestly for Sloan Kettering as well,” said President Jason Ide. “By choosing a Local 814 company, not only did the hospital ensure that the workers on their project will be getting fair wages and benefits, but they also guaranteed that their furniture will be handled by a professional team.”

“This could be the biggest job we have ever turned,” said Business Agent Walter Taylor. “This brand new building is 1.2 million square feet. Given the amount of glass walls and furniture, this project means work for Local 814 members for six months to a year.”

After hearing that the client intended to use Pearson for the deliveries, a non-814 company, Walter Taylor and Jason Ide immediately reached out to Council Member Ben Kallos and President Gary LaBarbera of the NYC Building and Construction Trades Council. After a week of meetings, MSK did the right thing and switched the vendor to an 814 company.

“It’s good to see the Union fighting for us to get big jobs like this one.” said 814 extra Martin Bracero. “I’ve already done three of these deliveries. Thanks to our Local, this job will help me earn medical benefits for me and my family.”