Union and Company Exchange Proposals

Attached below as a pdf is the union’s full contract proposal — presented yesterday to the Bargaining Group (Central, Eagle, Capital, Globe, Hudson) by Local 814’s Bargaining Committee. 

We are united by many priorities this time around, but none more important than PROTECTING our MEDICAL and PENSION Funds from cuts.  We are also committed to fighting for higher wages and a better future for entry level workers, promoting more Bs to A, increasing funding of the annuity and securing the future of unionized moving & storage.

Also below is the Bargaining Group’s opening “proposal” — which dramatically shifts health care costs onto the members, cuts wages in the first year alone by $2.35 per hour across the board, defunds our pension plan, allows them to go back to flooding the jobs with non-union workers, and allows them to force seniority list members into unlimited mandatory overtime.

But as the standing room only crowd at last Monday’s union meeting can attest, we have never been more unified and ready to fight — against cuts to any of our wages or benefits.   And as the saying goes…WHEN WE FIGHT WE WIN!