Who Is Eligible for Unemployment Under the New Law?

Many members are asking if they are eligible for unemployment now, especially since the payment will increase on April 5th by $600 per week.

THE RULES FOR WHO QUALIFIES FOR UNEMPLOYMENT TOTALLY CHANGED ON APRIL 1. A lot of people are now eligible for payments who would not have been eligible last week.

The new rules are so complicated that there’s no summarizing every case, but the Department of Labor (DOL) released the chart below to help people understand if they qualify. They also said that if you are in doubt, you SHOULD FILE ANYWAY and let them make the determination. All of the unemployment rules have changed, so no one is 100% sure how this is going to be implemented.


Did you qualify? Not qualify? Shoot us an email or text a Union rep to let us know, so we get a sense of how the DOL is implementing these changes.