Union Staff Temporary Furloughs

The COVID-19 outbreak has hit many of our members and employers hard. As a result, moving and storage hours are significantly down in April, and the auction houses and racetracks we represent have shut down completely.

What this means for the Union is that our revenue from dues has decreased substantially, and will stay low until the work comes back. To preserve the Union’s treasury, we are forced to furlough staff and reduce hours. Specifically, Business Agents will only be working one to two days per week initially, and the office manager will be temporarily furloughed.

If you have a question, leave a voicemail for your business agent. Do not call 718-609-6407, although we will be checking the voicemail once per week.

Be patient. Since Business Agents are only working one to two days per week, it may take a few days for them to get back to you.

Hang in there everyone. We will all get through this.