August 02, 2015
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What's New
Medical Benefit Upgrade

Updated On: Jul 24, 2015 (17:11:00)

Attention all Moving and Storage Members:

The Northern New Jersey Teamsters Benefit Plan recently sent out a notice of benefit improvements to your Union medical plan Level 6.   Local 814 is pleased that the Northern Plan is offering members in that plan level improvements to the Plan’s dental, optical and prescription drug benefits, as described in the notice recently sent to you.   

The Plan’s notice explains all the improvements in detail along with the effective dates of those improvements.  The improvements enhance the networks available for the dental and vision, and increase the benefits available to members under the Northern New Jersey Teamsters Benefit Plan. Also note that, effective January 1, 2016, the annual prescription deductible will be reduced from $200 to $50 per family.  Please be sure to read the notice.  

You should have received the notice in the mail recently directly from the Northern NJ Teamsters Benefit Fund explaining these improvements to the plan Level 6.  If you have any questions, please call them at 1-800-250-3121.




Updated On: May 29, 2015 (14:35:00)



Monday June 8th @ Local 814's new home:

22-43 Jackson Avenue

Long Island City, NY 11101

E,G, M, or 7 to Court Square

LEARN about 814's new contract at Christie's, SIGN UP TO PARTICIPATE IN OUR CAMPAIGN against the non-union, HEAR UPDATES about the health of our funds, ASK QUESTIONS, and SPEAK YOUR MIND! See you there!



Moving to a New Location

Updated On: Mar 23, 2015 (16:20:00)

As of Wednesday, April 1, 2015, Teamsters Local 814 will be located at:

22-43 Jackson Avenue
Long Island City, NY 11101 

Our phone number will remain the same: 718-609-6407
Our new fax number as of April 1st will be: 718-709-7758

*Phone service will likely be suspended for a portion of the day on Tuesday March 31st.  We apologize for any inconvenience.
Local 814 and our Famous Rat

Updated On: Jan 09, 2015 (12:45:00)

The Rat Gets a Close-Up!  

Local 814 Gets Featured in Story


Earlier today, NPR (National Public Radio) ran a strory about unions using the rat as a symbol to protest unfair labor practices.  They featured Local 814.  Take a look right here...




Union Book

Updated On: Jan 09, 2015 (12:04:00)


The REAL Union Book

To this day we say "buy your Union Book" when we tell a new member to join the Union.  But these days, it's only a figure of speech.  Members who join the Union receive a Union photo ID card and a copy of the contract, but no "Union Book."

What was the Union Book?  A former member's daughter was kind enough to lend us her father's.  In the photo above you see a "Union Book" from 1951.  Members used the book to track their benefit fund stamps, which would later be credited to them.  

These days, benefits are tracked electronically, but we thought we'd share this piece of Local 814 history.



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