Join Local 814

Are you a working professional in any of the Local 814’s core industries? Then you and your coworkers deserve the industry-leading benefits, representation, and respect on the job that comes with being a Local 814 Teamster. Local 814 is the leading advocate for the rights of workers, their families and their communities in all of the industries listed below. Our union is a diverse and dynamic organization made up of professional employees from all walks of life. Join our movement and become one of our many brothers and sisters today! (link here too)

  • Commercial Moving
  • New Furniture Delivery
  • Appliance or Furniture Home Delivery
  • Residential aka “Household” Moving
  • Document Storage
  • Fine Art Transport
  • Fine Art Handling or Installation
  • Auction Houses
  • Race Tracks
  • Warehousing

Click here to contact Local 814 about helping you organize with your coworkers for respect and dignity on the job.