Delivering for NYC

Local 814 doesn’t just deliver for NYC’s leading corporations and institutions — we also deliver for NYC’s working class. From organizing for fair economic development to mobilizing for progressive change at the ballot box to standing with our allies in the labor and community justice movements, Local 814 is always on the front lines and always ready to fight for what’s right.

Economic Development for All

Union jobs, affordable housing, and economic opportunity don’t just grow on trees in New York. They are the fruits of years of organized struggle by unions and community groups. Local 814 carries that torch today by organizing to oppose no-strings attached handouts to corporations who reap more than they sow.

At The Ballot Box & In The Street

Our union is a democratic organization that is guided by the best interests of the workers in our various industries. We think local government should work the same way too — in the interests of regular working New Yorkers, not employers or real estate developers.

Standing Together for a Better City

Teamsters Local 814 is proud of our continuing coalition work with some of the city’s most dynamic labor and community based organizations. Collectively, we are fighting every day to make NYC a more fair and more livable city for the workers who keep the Big Apple turning.