Why Move Union

Local 814 works with 18 signatory contractors who specialize in commercial moving and storage, new furniture delivery and installation, and office liquidation. We value convenience, safety, security and respect.


Local 814’s experienced pool of extra workers reflect the city’s diversity and can be retained though an MWBE contractor;

Founded in 1925, some of New York City’s most iconic institutions and prestigious companies have turned to Local 814’s signatory contractors for their moving & furniture services including: 

  •    The Museum of Modern Art
  •    Mount Sinai Hospital
  •    Christie’s Auction House
  •    The Daily News
  •    Madison Square Garden
  •    Google
  •    Facebook
  •    Goldman-Sachs
  •    Time-Warner
  •    The New York Times
  •    Chase Bank
  •    CUNY
  •    MTV
  •    HBO
  •    and many others

An affiliate of Teamsters Joint Council 16, Local 814 is the only recognized movers’ and furniture handlers’ union, and a member of the AFL-CIO and the Greater NY Building and Construction Trades Council.


Nearly half of our workers hold OSHA-10 Construction Safety Certifications, and many foreman and stewards are OSHA-30 certified.

More than 120 of our workers hold Commercial Drivers’ Licenses.
Each Local 814 member has a verifiable profile in our central database, which includes all contact and other relevant information.

All Local 814 members carry a picture ID union card. Many have a high-level security clearance, including access cards from the Secure Worker Access Consortium (SWAC).


Local 814 is an active supporter of the New York City Building and Construction Trades safety agenda, and certifies workers in OSHA training to minimize the risk of accidents on job sites.

Local 814 is also the only mover’s union affiliated with the Building and Construction Trades Councils of Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester and Putnam Counties.


Local 814 maintains a unique central database with access to over 800 moving and storage workers (more than half New York City residents) who are who are available to report to work in “real-time”. The centralized database allows clients to meet the most demanding scheduling needs and local hire standards by dispatching workers who live in targeted NYC communities.


All workers on a Local 814 job-site receive a pension.

All full-time workers, and regular part-time workers, receive employer-funded, full-family medical coverage.

Local 814’s industry leading benefits allow the Union and its signatory contractors to negotiate flexible and specific work rules to provide competitive rates for work performed for New York City agencies.

Local 814 has an established rehabilitation drug program for members, and complies with site-specific drug and alcohol testing requirements.

Local 814’s signatory contractors comply with all federal and state laws – including Workman’s Compensation, Minimum Wage and deductions under the new Paid Family Leave Act.

Contractors are regularly audited on payments of wages, welfare and pension benefits being paid to members.