Questions & Answers about the SST card

Q: What is the SST card?

A: SST stands for Site Safety Training.  The SST card is what you get after you successfully complete your OSHA-30 Construction training and then the additional 10 hr SST class

Q: Do I need one to get work?

A: Yes.  As of March 1st, 2021 The Department of Buildings requires all workers on construction sites, and even all workers inside of buildings that are being renovated, to have a valid SST card

Q: Is SST the same thing as OSHA-40?

A: No. there is no such thing as OSHA-40

Q: Can I combine my OSHA-10 with my OSHA-30 to get my SST?

A: No.  The only way to get a SST card is to first complete the OSHA-30 Construction class and then complete the 10 hr SST class

Q: Where do I sign-up? And do I have to pay?

A: Local 814 has contracted with NYCOSH to provide free classes for active members in good standing.  Local 814 will text and email blast out the registration link every time a new 2 day-session has been scheduled.  The maximum number of members for each class is 40.

Q: Can I just call the hall to register? What about calling Julian or Jason or Walter?

A: NO.  The only way to sign up is to fill out the registration form that will be texted or emailed to you.  If you successfully complete the form you will receive an e-mail confirmation at whatever e-mail you provided when registering.

Q: Where is the class being held?

A: Due to Covid-19, all SST classes will be held using the *video-conference app called “Zoom.”  Members can download the app at and it can be used on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

*Members must have a working web-cam and must be present on-screen for all 5 hrs, each day, in order to receive credit.  If you are not on screen for all 10 hrs you will be marked absent and not get credit

Q: What if sign up and then I have to work instead and can’t do the class?

A: Local 814 is providing these classes free of charge, however they actually cost the Local a significant amount of money.  If you need to cancel for any reason you *must do so at least 48 hrs prior to the start of your class.

*any cancellations within less than 48 hrs, without documentation of an actual emergency, will result in the member not being allowed to enroll in any more trainings until all 1,000 + members of Local 814 have had the opportunity to complete all of their trainings.